We are Homestead Roastery and we provide premium, mindfully sourced small batch coffee from regions around the world.

We pride ourselves on quality brew. We also pride ourselves on taking all of the seriousness out of enjoying good coffee; it doesn't have to be intimidating. We are here to help!

We love good food, good wine, family, our dogs, travel, and small town living. We are as serious about our wine as we are about our caffeine. You can’t beat a great glass of wine or a freshly brewed cup of coffee. There are many similarities in the world’s two favourite drinks and that's why we love being located right here in the heart of wine country- the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

Our small town values give us a respect for farmers everywhere and an appreciation for all cultures, resulting in socially conscious purchasing. Every time you purchase from Homestead, you are choosing great coffee and practicing socially responsible consumerism.




Okanagan's Homestead Roastery owners